What if Asbestos is in my Home?

Vermiculite Attic                                   Asbestos materials may be within homes.                                 Duct WrapAn inspection will provide valuable information to deal with and the peace of mind regarding this dangerous material.


What can be done?

Every problem has a solution. Similar to radon and lead based paint, asbestos can pose a risk and it is also correctable.  There are Friable and Non-Friable materials containing asbestos. Friable means “may be reduced or crushed with hand pressure”.  Friable asbestos materials pose a greater likelihood of being damaged and fibers released into the air.  If the asbestos is in good sound condition, leave it alone. Most buildings built between 1920 and 1970 will have some asbestos in it.  An inspection and evaluation of common asbestos materials can reveal what materials

contain asbestos and what risks and corrective actions can be taken, if necessary.  If asbestos has been disturbed, air samples can show if fibers are in the air above the EPA recommended level.

I want to renovate my house?

Asbestos materials should be recognized prior to their disturbance.  Damaged asbestos materials or material which are planned on being impacted should be encapsulated, enclosed or removed. An evaluation can help you decide on the best course of action.

What’s the Risk?

Asbestos in homes generally does not pose a risk unless the material has become damaged, allowing fibers into the air.  Asbestos breathed into the lungs can become lodged into the alveoli (air sacks) and scar tissue will form. The scar tissue prevents the lungs from replenishing the blood with oxygen. Lung cancer is also linked to asbestos exposure. It takes 10-40 years before asbestos related diseases become apparent.