Operations and Maintenance Plans (O & M).

These plans are developed for facility or building owners or managers to cope with any asbestos hazard which may exist.  Services include an inspection to identify the type and general locations of asbestos materials and assess their condition (the more damaged an asbestos material is, generally, the more potential health hazard it poses), required labeling of ACBM (in routine maintenance areas, i.e. pipe tunnels, boiler rooms), and a plan or course of action to take in the event of an emergency involving asbestos (an asbestos insulated pipe is leaking). Also, is the routine maintenance activities to be performed of asbestos containing materials (how fast to buff a floor with asbestos tiles) and any worker training program. Ideally, custodial staff should have a minimum of a 2 hour Asbestos Awareness training if working in a facility with ACBM.